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The statewide organization, we are North Carolina's only statewide professional association for ALL volunteer managers. Our members range from those serving in 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, to those employed in local and state government, to individuals in the for-profit sector and everyone else in between. Our members come from all walks of life, but share a similar passion and dedication to the field of volunteer management.

NCAVA is pleased to offer the Basics in Volunteer Management course online through Southeastern Community College. This 10-week course covers recruitment, retention, risk management, recognition, etc. There are multiple offerings of the class throughout the year. 


  • August 13, 2019 - October 15, 2019: Registration form must be received by September 16, 2019 to avoid delays in entering the class

  • January 14, 2020 - March 17, 2020: Registration form must be received by January 10, 2020 to avoid delays in entering the class

After enrollment, there is no set time to log on each day. You can access the course from any computer with internet access. Graduates of the class receive on continuing education credit from Southeastern Community College (Whiteville, NC), 12-hours toward NCAVA certification, as well as several completed components of the CAVNC certification portfolio. For additional information, email

The goals of the program are to raise standards, increase knowledge, and improve performance of volunteer administrators in North Carolina. The program provides a means to document competency and signify excellence in the practice of managing volunteer programs. The designation CAVNC, indicating a Certified Administrator of Volunteers in North Carolina, helps employers identify the most qualified and committed professionals.

Nonprofits from daycare centers and museums to colleges, hospitals, and YMCAs are part of our daily lives. They are an essential part of what makes North Carolina a great place to live, work, and raise a family. The nonprofit sector also is a significant part of North Carolina’s economy. This economic report describes the stunning size, variety, and impact of North Carolina’s large and diverse nonprofit sector. The information shows why a healthy nonprofit sector is critical to our state’s prosperity. This report is for leaders in nonprofits, business, government, and philanthropy, as well as everyone else who cares about North Carolina’s economy and quality of life. You can use it to educate yourself and others about how nonprofits impact your county and state. The N.C. Center for Nonprofits prepared this report using data gathered in collaboration with the National Council of Nonprofits, the Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics, the Nonprofit Finance Fund, the N.C. Department of Commerce, and nonprofits throughout the state.

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